Saturday, July 21, 2012

Point of Interest of the Venus

So, the paper posted yesterday on the Venus of Urbino was chosen, obviously I should think, for my Ren class. The point of the paper, given by the instructor, was to choose a painting of the Renaissance period that showed humanist positions. I chose this painting because it does show, very much so in fact, humanist tendencies. However, there were two other reasons that I chose it....

1. So incredibly beautiful!
2. You can see her house... palazzo!

Take a look at the bedding, The mattress is covered in one material and then there is the fabulously white sheets that are rumpled. Do you think that they are Egyptian cotton? hmmmmm....

Then there is the tiled floor. I should think that it is obvious that this is two colored marble that had been polished to a shine!

The pillars are there, as well as the boxes that housed Venus' trousseau.

What I also find interesting is the drape behind Venus. What do you think the reasons that this existed are? I am guessing that they are the same reasons that we use beautiful drapery on our windows today. Beauty, accentuation, intimacy, privacy, and stopping a draft.

Hope you enjoy it....


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