Monday, May 12, 2014

Cannonsburgh Village Part 1

Early 19th Century Loom House, Williamson Chapel, 

The Haynes Museum,  

June Ware LaGreen as Harriet Tubman,

And, the Mobile Gas Station
Murfreesboro, TN.

This is the only photograph that is not mine. I could not take such a great picture because of the millions (well it felt like it!) people that were there!. This is from Cannonburgh's site.

I took a video of this great gentlemen, Skip Peek, making 18th century brooms.
It is HERE


It was such an incredibly BRIGHT sunshiny day (hey, isn't this a song?), and yet, the room would not take, except for this amazing window!!! I love this picture so much.

Cloud went through....

... and then left.

Not exactly sure what they fellows were doing, but Sidney had to get her picture taken with them.

This seemed to be filled mostly with farming pieces.
Which, I loved!!! A lot of this stuff, my grandparents had.
What can I say?

This is such a great saying!!!

Yep, I have even worked on these at my grandparents!

I thought that this was a cool shot.

Another really cool shot!

These are actual, not replicas
Invoices for feed and dry goods

I'm not sure if this was a replica, or just a doll house.
There was no plaque.

the box is belowwwww

I had to get Sidney next to this wheel!!
Yes, this I have never seen before.
And, I'm sure you can tell how excited she was in this particular part of the museum. lol

Tin type machine
Did I know this when I saw it?
Sidney told me what it was!

Both of my grandfathers had this.
Not so antique-y to me!
June Ware LaGreen
as Harriet Tubman
She was fantastic!
I missed probably the first half because I didn't know she was there.
I really want to see her again!
Sidney loved her too
Not only was she a great actress who knows her stuff,
but she was so patient with the people in the audience, Sidney
and especially ME because I couldn't get the picture focused. If she can be patient with that, then I know that she is the best of people!!
June's Website is HERE
Me getting gas. ;)
Ok, I wish.

Not sure what this building is or was. There was no plaque
But it was at the entrance to the parking lot.

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