Tuesday, September 25, 2012

PBS' Manor House

I have been asked many times within the last month if I’d seen PBS’ Manor House. I answered in the affirmative every time, although it has been a few years. Because of so many people asking me, and because I was looking for a procrastination event, I thought that I would see if I could find it on  Netflix, my typical go-to place. I was looking for a source (really just somewhat because I was in the procrastination spirit, after all), and found to my astonishing delight that it was available on Youtube.
Now, here is where I found out that I have been lying to everyone! I had not “seen Manor House” as I thought that I had. I had apparently seen the first part of episode one, and the second halve of the last episode, which made me think that it was only one show. Since I needed some time to not work on my homework, I thought that I would watch the first episode. Then, I just clicked on Episode Two. Now, I did not watch them all continuously, because I really have had to work on my homework. So, I have watched two episodes for the last three days and have just finished it.  I must say… WOW! How, I love this show!


 I feel immensely sad for the tutor. He was so sad and lonely, and no one saw it. He would call for service for the simple fact of having a human visitor. I really felt for him!


The chef did all of this amazing work, to be completely unappreciated by the family. To have had “Sir John” not even appreciate the special treatment that he received and to have been mad because he had a beautiful pig instead of modern food. What a silly man to have become so authoritarian in such a short time.

I wonder what became of them all! There are a few spin-offs it looks like, and I look forward to watching them all.
Here is more information Manor House. I highly recommend this show if you haven't seen it, or even if you have, watch it again!
All photographs are from PBS.

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