Thursday, November 22, 2012

Little Bedroom

My New Room

So, the reason that I had such a long delay from entering information was that I moved from Illinois to Tennessee. I really loved my place in Naperville. I had a three story townhouse on White Eagle Golf Course with a pond view. The Living Room, known to me and my family as "The Tall Room" because it was two stories with a beautiful large arched window over a sliding glass door. My bedroom was upstairs, also with a pond view. Just my bedroom was 12' x 22.5' with a cathedral ceiling and was en-suite with a huge jacuzzi tub. Yes, I was spoiled.
Now, I have moved in with my mom, so that I can start my master's program in January. I am really excited, even though my life has downsized to a small bedroom of my own (well, Sidney still sleeps with me most days. So, even this isn't my own technically). My new bedroom is 11' x 12', literally half my old bedroom, and no cathedral ceiling. I have brought half my bedroom furniture and Dean's desk that I have my computer on. It is so old (It was my cousin Jeff's before he gave it to me. Then it went to my eldest son, Rob, then on to Dean), and beat up, but I have put an antique table scarf over it and added little nicknack's on to it. I have placed one of my painting holders at my computer as a book holder because, this desk too, is half the size of my desk in Illinois. I've taken some pictures for you, so you can see my new little world. I'm sure you can picture me at my desk typing away.
View from the hallway with drapes, comforter and pillows that I made.

View from the closet, bed was from Bombay & Co.
 View from the bed. Black cabinet from Hobby Lobby, T.V. I stole from Sidney, Desk was given to me back in the 80's, antique scarf I don't remember, poodle from e-bay, computer from Home Shopping Network. Picture on far left from e-bay, mirror from Kirklands, painting from my brother.
Little Statue of Hebe from the garden dept. at Hobby Lobby.
Close up of Ficus Tree from Kirklands with pears from Walmart that I attached.
My daughter, Renee, bought this for me for my birthday. :D
Poodle from e-bay

Milk glass was my mom's German doll from my mom, bookstand is a picture stand but I don't remember from where.
Book sitting in bookstand, book from Amazon, Acceptance letter for Master's in History from University of Nebraska-Kearney in the background. :)
I made this little one (There's actually a pair. The mirror image I now have under the pear tree.) I bought the tree from Kirklands, the bow was from a group of bows that were Christmas ornaments from Walmart. The flowers are just the tips that were cut off and hot glued on. They were from The Dollar Tree. The babies breath was from a bouquet of flowers that I received, there is also a little mushroom bird that I bought from JoAnnes.
View from sitting at the computer. Vintage 1960's wedding dress on a hanger, on the wall.
Nightstand was from Bombay & Co.  Books were either given to me, or purchased at garage sales, or used book stores.
George and Martha lamp from e-bay, lampshade was from K-mart, feather topper from Tuesday Morning, vintage cup and saucer from e-bay, clock was a present from the folks at Talent Trek on my last day of work there, the candle and green glass holder from Michaels (the dollar bin), the calendar was a gift from my Secret Santa about seven years ago, book from, the perfume I stole from Renee because it looked pretty.
 Just a swivel difference. I matted and framed a vintage 1980's shoulder collar (Anyone remember those?) Mismatching candleabras that I purchased years apart and painted and decorated to match, plant stolen from someone's garbage at the street (gasp!) 
Another 80's lace collar that I framed. Clothes hamper from Linens & Things when they went out of business. Jewelry holder, I don't remember. Jewelry was all gifts, vintage lace collar on desk, antique leather gloves were a gift from my friend, Andrea Kleppe.
Antique water pitcher in back was my grandmother's mother's, Barbies were all Christmas presents, vintage book shelf my uncle made for my mother that I stole years ago, 1960's wedding dress on a dress form that I purchased from House Goods, hat was a Christmas present from Renee last year. In fact, most of the books on the shelf were presents from Renee over the years. Clothes are mostly Liz Claiborne (so just nice, but not fancy, so don't bother asking to borrow.) And, don't judge the mess because I still don't have places to put everything.
Close up of drape and valance 


Looking up
 A pillow made from a chenille bedspread that I loved into pieces. I couldn't throw it away!

When I'm standing on my bed.

I tried to get the view outside to show the difference. Didn't work. I have a gully outside my window here. But, apparently, I can't see it!
Updated information with where I got everything because of the personal requests.


  1. Lovely and homey! Best of luck with your further education!


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