Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tanner House Upstairs Master Bedroom

Couple of Pictures from the Upstairs Master Bedroom

This bedroom is so romantical... Sigh.......

The furniture belonged to one of the grandchildren. So, it is not original to the house, but it is a family heirloom. These are similar to a dresser and stool that I used to own that was manufactured in the 1920's. Therefore, I can guess that this was the era for these as well. But, it is just a guess. 

 The wallpaper is original to the house, 
but was put in sometime after it was built.
Lamps are the original converted gas lamps. The hoop cage in the back is a time period child or young adult crinoline that a board member purchased at a yard sale. 

Can you see the small table with chairs, and commode in the background here? 

And, my favorite carpet, maybe in the whole world, and it is original to the house.

I think that the design looks 18th century-ish.

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