Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sam Davis Home Part 1

Smyrna, Tennessee

Historic Sam Davis Home And Plantation
Part 1
(of five)
Part 2 Here

My first trip, and I talked my mom into attending with me. So, it was my mom, Dean, Sidney, and me who took the grand tour.

Originally the log-cabin boyhood home was built in 1820. The main house was built in the 1830s, and then the weatherboard and portico were added in the early 1840s. Interestingly the changes were maid because on the way there the first time, the lady of the house saw large grand mansions on the trip. She liked them so much that she talked her husband into the change to "jazz it up."

Sidney pretending to prop up the tree outside the house.

Side yard looking directly at the dog-trot

This seems to be like a half-floating staircase. I can't explain it. You have to see it for yourself.

Little storage door under the front stairs

Looking down the front staircase.

Only the Formal Parlor was originally papered, and it was during the time when the house was offices (I assume curatorial offices), that the ladies didn't like looking at the bare white walls and so papered them throughout out the house. To me they look 1970s-ish. But they do look Victorianesque, and also pretty. The furnishings are either originally from the Davis Family or antiques from the 1860s.

The Adopt an Artifact Program

Each item is a Davis family original artifact and has been, or was, kept in the main house for decades. Since the house does not have humidity control, the artifacts deteriorate more quickly and need your support.

As an Elite Partner of the Historic Sam Davis Home & Plantation collections, you can take pride in your role of preserving an “adopted” artifact. The funds donated to the Adopt an Artifact Program will support their preservation, storage, and management.

  • $56 Bronze
  • $75 Silver
  • $100 Gold
  • $250 Platinum
  • School Group

Be a part of history by preserving treasures of the past for patrons of the future.

Quoted in part from the Adopt an Artifact Program flyer.  Contact the museum directly for more details at 615.459.2341

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