Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sam Davis Home Part 3

Historic Sam Davis Home and Plantation

Smyrna, TN

Part 3
See Part 1 Here
Part 2 Here

Looking out the window from the back stairwell

Sidney "listening" in.

Dean waiting to get back to video games.

Back porch

Our wonderful tour guide,
Madi Rose
Site Interpreter

Side Yard
Making soap

Herb Garden

It was so hot, that we all wished this worked!

The Adopt an Artifact Program

Each item is a Davis family original artifact and has been, or was, kept in the main house for decades. Since the house does not have humidity control, the artifacts deteriorate more quickly and need your support.

As an Elite Partner of the Historic Sam Davis Home & Plantation collections, you can take pride in your role of preserving an “adopted” artifact. The funds donated to the Adopt an Artifact Program will support their preservation, storage, and management.

  • $56 Bronze
  • $75 Silver
  • $100 Gold
  • $250 Platinum
  • School Group

Be a part of history by preserving treasures of the past for patrons of the future.

Quoted in part from the Adopt an Artifact Program flyer.  Contact the museum directly for more details at 615.459.2341

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