Monday, October 12, 2015

Franchises In Real Estate


So,  as I transition into the "real" world, I decided that I really need to stay in something that I love. 

What do I love? 

Well, that (I hope) is obvious!

I am now working as a franchise and business broker.

And, I am specializing in real estate!

You can see the businesses that I am representing on Issuu

You can follow me there, too 

to keep up with new companies and changes to others.

There are over ninety (90) companies right now in the industry. 

Subsections are:


Tiny Homes

Property Management


Elite - Luxury

Housing Services - Senior Housing Placement

Services - Construction

Services - Moving, Hauling, & Storage

Services - Outdoor Services

Services - Concierge and Handyman

Services - Painting and Staining

Services - Financial and Tax

Services - Cleaning and Janitorial

Services - Other

Seriously, why not work for yourself but not by yourself?! There is no cost to you. The company pays me when you buy - hmmm kind of like- Real Estate!

Don't know what you want? I can help you decide. Need help financing? I can help you there, too.

From nothing down to full cash

From free (percentage of sales) to $500,000(+)

Let me help you or a friend.

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