Friday, March 4, 2016

Tennessee Crossroads - Green Frog Village

A Southern Historical Village

Tennessee Crossroads

OK. So, 
Yes, I have heard all about Tennessee Crossroads - Or, so I thought!
I thought it was a local show that went around to different places and put them on the air - a sort of I don't have anything real to say, so I'll make my own show.

I didn't know there was any type of house history on this show. Just like a lot of shows that I am finding lately, this one is great. 
Yes, I haven't had time throughout the past couple of years to watch television. I really don't now, either. But, I have just been making a point of trying to put them on my blog as I go along. Even so, I find that I don't have a lot of allotted time for writing, either. 
(Blah, blah, yackety, schmackety.)

I only caught the tail end of this episode, and looked on the "Demand" area, but there were no episodes. :'(
 So, I just made a point of really watching this episode (and, having the next ones DVRed). I absolutely fell in love with Green Frog Village and thought I would share a tidbit. 
(You'll notice the date-time stamp. So sorry! I had just gotten in from taking photos from my Estates Management business and forgot that I did not undo the stamp.)

It is on NPT (Nashville Public Television) Thursday night, 7:00 to 7:30 p.m.

"If you're patient... your dreaming comes to pass." John Freeman

OH! You can watch the entire portion online!)

Watch TN Crossroads, Green Frog Village Episode!)

Showing that the town is located in Alamo, TN
OH! I am so excited! I didn't know that their episodes were online. When I get a chance - I'm gunna binge! You should too!!! I also have to find a way to get here!

Four and a half Tiaras!!!
(A Tiara and a Diadem) 
I don't have a "Half Tiara/Diadem picture. I'll have to make one when I have time. Very much deserved!)
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