Sunday, May 20, 2012

Malmaison - Josephine's Retreat

Josephine's Home After the Divorce

I thought that I would do a comparable piece to the tiara that I have featured in today's Sassy Past Facebook page. The Cameo Tiara was made for Josephine, Napoleon's 2nd wife.

After their divorce, she had to live somewhere, so why not a palace? It was actually given to her son, but he was kind enough to let her stay there.

OOOOOOOOO, here she is with my favorite tiara and at Malmaison to boot!
Dude, she was hot!

Here she was chillen on the couch at her divorce retreat.

Entertaining the Tsar Alexander here. Check out the Romanesque walls!

Entertaining. This was possibly in the same room.
(This pic is not to be used for any type of financial gain. Please do not reproduce for such.)

Party in the yard!

Can you imagine living here?
I can!

Poor Josephine was sentenced to a life of hardship in this horrible place. Seriously, I wish my ex would have given my son this palace for me to live in!.

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