Tuesday, May 27, 2014

HGTV Smart Home In Nashville Tennessee

Greenhills Area

Near Lipscomb High School
It took us a minute to find it because I couldn't locate the address. So, we just went looking for the neighborhood. A very nice gentleman was in his driveway and pointed out which house it was. We didn't get to go in, and you can see the threatening signs, so all the pictures were taken from outside "the property."

“Jack was in Nashville looking for a spot to maybe bring the smart home to Tennessee and then specifically Nashville. While he was in town he literally stumbled upon Duncanwood.”
Quote from Brentwood Homepage "Real Estate". 2-19-14

Yep, I can tell because it is not on the main strip, although easy to get to.

The intimidating sign


  1. Great photos of the back yard! I'm sure all the bloggers really appreciate the photos, there used to be more intimidating signs LOL. Here is a link to what the house looked like in January just a few days before load-in furniture day. https://www.flickr.com/photos/111245041@N02/sets/72157639625242586/

  2. Thank you for the compliment! I love your door photo. Too bad the paper was in the window, though. It really is a pretty house in a nice neighborhood and hopefully the person that wins doesn't sell it.

  3. Thanks! I didn't have much prettiness to photograph and I refused to trespass past the sidewalk so I didn't get many pretty photos. There was just one where the light came through from the back and was pretty. Most were taken just to keep the bloggers on the Smart Home blog interested and post progress as nothing else was being posted at the time.

    I also love your blog and love the Hermitage! Lucky you working out there.

    1. I'm so sorry for the delay in reply! I was sick this last week. :( I am so happy that you love my blog! That makes me feel great. I, too, didn't want to get on their property. I am not sure that they can do anything if you are just on the grass, but I didn't want any ill will at all. I honestly didn't know about it until my mom told me. Then, I wanted to see it in person!


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