Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Decision Made!

So, as some of you know, I had a huge problem with the place that I have been renting for the past seven years. My landlord stopped paying the mortgage, even though I continued to pay the rent. The bank took possession of my home, and now I have to find a new place. Yes, I was beginning to look throughout the East Coast, as well as back in Tennessee, where my family still resides for the most part, thinking that I had some time. Unfortunately, I do not. :(

Today, the crucial decision was finally cast. I am going back to Tennessee until I finish my Master's program. This trek will commence two weeks from today. This is the best decision for me and my children. I will miss everyone here in Aurora/Naperville, Illinois! I promise to keep you in my thoughts and not forget you. I hope that you will all still continue to love me and wish me (and Dean and Sid) well as we push into new territory!

Wish us well!

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