Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Battledore and Shuttlecock

A Most Elegant Game


Just a couple of days ago I purchased a packaged set of Battledore and Shuttlecock for just over $15.00. I took it home with the thought that I would MAKE my children play with me. That wasn't the case at all! In fact, there seems to be continual arguments on whose turn it is to hold a paddle. So much for video games and cartoons. I think that we have found a new old pastime.

What is this game? Well, I believe it to be a primitive version of badminton  The goal is to hit the shuttlecock, and not let it touch the ground. The last person that hit the birdie wins. Or, if there is more than two players, the person with the most hits before it hits the ground wins, with the understanding that the shuttlecock must be continually passed. The set that I purchased has solid pine paddles (the battledore) and the birdie has real feathers and a cork where the rubber is in the modern version (shuttlecock). Some of the battledore were netted, as with the pictures above.

But, not all of the paddles were netted, take a look at these...



Is it my Indian blood, or just a sense of artistry that makes me want to paint my paddle to make it my own? 
Maybe I could do something like this? And, even contemplate making my own shuttlecocks as these?


Or, go the more ornate and Oriental route?


I may just do that! But why, you may ask, is a game listed on a blog about houses? Well, people played this game for centuries. This was a game played outdoors, or even indoors! Although, due to the weather, we are playing indoors! And, this was very popular within the times of my interest. Yes, I think that I will paint my paddles, but I just don't know what yet!


Maybe there will be enough people locally who would be interested in playing? Let me know!

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