Friday, November 8, 2013

Some Tanner House Parlors Shots

A Couple of Shots of the Original and Repainted 

Grand Parlor & Ladies Parlor

Unfortunately I don't have very many of these. I wonder how the remodel of the parlor is coming?

The Gorgeous Medallion in the Center of the Grand Parlor Ceiling
Unfortunately this is not an original, but a remake
This was the closest that was found that matched early photographs

Original Plaster Trim-work in the Grand Parlor
This plaster was put in sometime after the Tanners moved in. I am guessing 1880's to 1910. 
What would you guess?

Top of fireplace in Grand Parlor repainted from old photographs.
Marble fireplace in Grand Parlor made from one slab of marble.
Painting inside fireplace is a Native American supposedly on a land outcropping on the Fox River. 

Here are the close ups of the top. Note how the artist tried to do something similar in the center to that of the original painting underneath the fireplace.

Top Left of Fireplace in Grand Parlor
Top Right of Fireplace in Grand Parlor

Center of Top of Fireplace in Grand Parlor
(Compare with original painting underneath mantel)

Bottom Left of fireplace in Grand Parlor
Bottom Right of fireplace in Grand Parlor

The original carpet from the Grand Parlor purchased for the Tanner Parents by their children on an anniversary. 
This picture does not do the carpet justice. For many years the parlor was plain floorboards with rugs. 

This is so absolutely wonderful with bright colored flowers in interlocking gold filigree medallions that were about four feet (?) long. It was manufactured in rolls and were nailed down with tiny nail tacks absolutely perfectly so that the seams were undetected. This carpet lay on the floor being walked on for about a century before it was pulled up in 2011. 

I had the privilege of not only walking on it, but cataloging and accessioning it.

Plaster and chandelier in ladies parlor in the front of the house

All of the plaster-work was painted white during the groovy 1970's. This medallion is not the original either, but was put in after the original crumbled.  This is obviously not as pretty as the new one.

Original Chandelier converted from gas to electricity. 
In the Ladies Parlor

Close up of the chandelier. OMG, how amazing is this?!

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