Monday, November 25, 2013

Edwardian Shoes & An Edwardian Wedding Dress

More found pictures from my old phone in Skydrive.

From The Tanner House Museum. 

Edwardian Shoes and An Edwardian Wedding Dress.

I had the honor of repairing one of the shoes. The "leaves" had come unattached. 
However, I don't remember which shoe it was!
Love, love, love these shoes!

This is an Edwardian wedding dress that I accessioned. I hate to say that I do not remember who it belonged to. However, Jennifer Putzier, the Curator, only accepts pieces from local people. So, we can at least know that it belonged to someone from Aurora, IL.
Faux over-dress with faux under-dress with a different fabric.

The under-dress is a silk floral jacquard.

Faux pearls creating a daisy chain around the neck and sleeves, and across the belt buckle.

Can you see how the dress has a faux over-skirt with that is belted?

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