Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shooting At Oheka Castle

Yesterday Around Noon-Thirty

The owner of the beautiful Oheka Castle in Long Island New York was shot yesterday in the face by an unknown assailant. He was shot in the forehead and was taken into surgery right away. Apparently the shooter was after Gary Mellious, but no one knows why at this point. Mellious was walking to his car in the castle's parking lot, and had just sat down in the driver's seat when a masked man walked to him and shot at point blank range. He was not robbed, so this is assumed to be directed at the owner for business or political reasons.

Mellious had a dubious background in politics last year. In 2013 he was involved in a scandal relating to counted signatures for his favorite candidate in the Nassau County Police Commissioner, Thomas Dale. As far as I know, this is the only time that he hasn't been completely loved and respected. So, could this be  a reason for the shooting? The police do not think so, but actually think it is probably for business. Mellious is a very important developer who happens to hob-nob with wealthy and famous people at his castle.

The castle was built in 1919 by Otto Kahn, a financier. The current owner purchased the property in a run-down state in 1984 (a year before I graduated high-school!) for a small sum of $1.5 million. He completely renovated it for an additional $30 million. In 1988 Mellious sold the property to a Japanese company, but bought it back for $30 million after he regained his financial footing. He had defaulted on a loan for the estate, but was able to then renegotiate the loan at $27.9 million in August. Oheka Castle was, and still is, the second largest private residence in America.

This is the location of one of my favorite television shows, Royal Pains. You can see the outside, many of the interiors, as well as some outbuildings in the show. It was also in the great movie, Citizen Cain. You can tour the castle, and even have events like weddings there. Or, if you want, it is a very high end hotel where you can rent a room for around $1,500 a night!

I wish Mr. Mellious a quick and easy recovery, and the perpetrator immediately caught and tried!


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Photographs from Oheka.com


  1. "The current owner purchased the property in a run-down state in 1984 (a year before I graduated high-school!) for a small sum of $1.5 million" Do the math, he is 69 and was in HS in 1984. Someone has there facts wrong!

  2. Before I graduate from high school, not the owner. I think that your statement is not very nice and you didn't read the post correctly!


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