Monday, April 14, 2014

Blog Hop About My Writing Process

While my esteemed tagger is an authoress I currently only write on my blog and my school papers. Therefore, I will be answering the questions just a little differently. 

Thank you to my lovely friend Madame Gilfurt, Her blog is
Where she blogs about 18’th century people and events.

Those tagged by me are Kay O’Pry-Reynolds at Medieval Kate Kay is also a Master Student, but her focus is in Medieval Literature. She is a Medieval Literature Historian, and loving it. She will be starting her thesis this Fall.

Another person that I would like to be able to be tagged is a brand new blogger, Julie Rockhold, The Fat Reenactress. Her blog is ( (where she will be blogging on reenacting, clothing, research, and production of historical pieces that work well with women of a normal and larger figure.

Also, Kimberly Walters of K.Walters at the Sign of the Grey Horse. Her blog address is She is the most incredible historical jewelry artist I have ever seen. While her blog is not a written style blog, but a jewelry one, I believe that these questions can be changed to suit her extraordinary work, and to divulge her behind- the-scenes thinking process.

1) What am I working on?

This is very simple and yet complex. I am starting my thesis for my Masters Degree in History at University of Nebraska at Kearney. I have an Intro To Thesis class and a Museum Interpretation class. They are both necessary, actually because my thesis will be a type of museum interpretation of American Museums. My working title is “The Gentility of Property in 18th Century America.” The question is “Why did the wealthy American elite own grand estates?” The obvious answer is Because they had to the money to.” However, this is actually arguable. 

2) How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blog and personal opinions are different in a very important way. While I am an historian, I believe that romanticism is important to history and to historic houses. Another difference is that I believe that the truth should always be told. So, my job is to combine the two and create a balance. I know that many scholars may argue that romanticism should be ousted, but I disagree. I fell in love with history by romantic sizing myself in different situations and wearing beautiful clothing. I know other women and men did the same. Why should this be ignored? I believe that it shouldn’t.

Unlike fantasy promoters, however, I think that the truth should be told. The visitor/listener/reader should never be criticized for their own opinion, even if the historian believes them to be wrong. There is a reason that person came to that opinion. So, the historian should bring the observer into the realm of accurate information with respect and guidance, and understanding that this other person may not be interested in all of the facts, but also in the romantic side of the history.

Also, I believe in the updated versions of historic properties as well as the “perfect house museum.” People don’t live in museums they live in homes. I think that it’s ok to romanticize an updated version to keep in your house. You live there, not anyone else. I don’t think that anyone should tell anyone else how to live. And, if it’s pretty, what’s the problem? SO, I promote all of these. I don’t fit in anywhere.

3) Why do I write what I do?

I write what I write because I am obsessed! If I didn’t have kids, I would live in my own fantasy world of 18th century. However, I still want to see a pretty historic house, not matter what era it was built. When I watch movies or television, I always look at the houses! What does the outside of the house look like? Is the interior appropriate for the time period? How is the lighting? What’s on the walls? What are the walls? I look for portraits and other art work, and any gardens, especially formal ones! And statuary… I love statues. :D

4) How does your writing process work?
My brain just starts and doesn’t stop. I have to put it down or I’ll forget. I have folders for different pictures for my blog set up in categories. I will keep these together until I have enough for a generous post. Then, I just can’t hold back anymore and want to share with everyone.

For my papers, including my thesis, I need an organized chart. I have an outline that usually keeps pretty well. Sometimes I will go off on a tangent, but usually not. I have my thesis outline approved, but I want to add something about slavery to it, but I just don’t know what yet. While enslavement was extremely important to all of the large estates in America in the 18th Century, my paper is not about any certain person, but the genre, so I am still trying to figure out where to go with it. If you have any ideas, I would greatly appreciate it


  1. I'm assuming you've read John Crawley's The Invention of Comfort? If not, it would be a great read for you, regarding your thesis! I just turned in my own Master's paper; best of luck with yours!!

    1. Hi Kelsey,

      I have not as of yet, but it is on my list to purchase as soon as I get more funds. I am so happy to know that it has an endorsement from you! Thank you for the luck... I am gunna need it . ;)


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