Monday, July 28, 2014

Tulip Grove


Inside The Hermitage Grounds

Built similar to The Hermitage, but on a smaller scale.
In fact, the architect, Mr. Reis, saw the smoke from the fire at the Hermitage while he was constructing Tulip Grove and ran over to help stop the fire!

Some wildflowers

Closeup of a wildflower. Isn't it gorgeous?

Front Door.

Looking through the window at the front door.

Fanciful woodwork at Tulip Grove

Looking through a window on the side.


The back of Tulip Grove.

Do you know what this is????
It is a boot cleaner.

Back porch Main door.

Door on the left when entering the porch from the grounds, or the right when exiting the main door from the house.

Door on the right when entering the porch from the grounds, or on the left from exiting the house.

I love the sun shining on the house!

The walk from the back porch.

The back yard lawn.

Seating at the arbor.

Looking at the back of the house from the arbor.

Faux column. 

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