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Salvage Dawgs Season 3 Episode 11




Salvage Dawgs Banner from FYI Network

"Everyday historic buildings across America are being torn down and what's inside can be lost or destroyed forever... But not if Mike and Robert get there first. From an old farmhouse to an abandoned mill, together they restore, repurpose, or resell whatever salvage they can find. They're saving pieces of history - and America - one salvage job at a time.
They Are...The Salvage Dawgs"

So, the wording is great, but the voice sounds like the guy that does all the voice-overs for the horror movies.  The company is Blackdog Salvage, the show is Salvage Dawgs.

I found this show at the tail-end of one of the episodes on the DIY network and so I decided to record any future episodes because it looked like something that I would enjoy. Well, I am still learning this new DVR and found out that I recorded 16 episodes because of a show marathon. 

I've done show and movie reviews in the past, so I thought I would do the same thing for the Salvage Dawgs. If you notice, the last word is spelled - and definitely pronounced in the show - like the old cartoon Deputy Dawg. (Do you remember that cartoon? I used to love it!)

The episodes are a half hour a piece and seem to feature one product that they create out of one or more old things. The two main guys are complete characters and found myself laughing throughout the show. I especially found Mike funny. However, the "side kicks" are just as fun to watch. They tear down places or just do junk-outs or "picking" (sort of like the picker guys on HGT).
What I'll be doing is just giving a brief synopsis of the episodes with a photo or two that I took from my TV. I honestly recommend this show. You can get some great ideas on repurposing things and even some history on the location (not much), and one or two episodes that give you background on some historic products, building and even more tear-down techniques. 
I am starting with Season 3 Episode 11 because this is the first episode on the DVR, but even more because it is the first episode that I saw!
Season 3/Episode 11
Great quote from the personel
"Treat it with some respect."
The majority of my photos are the portico. While I absolutely enjoyed the clean-out portion. You should watch the episode to see it!
The episode was about a clean-out on an old farmhouse in South Boston, VA. The farmhouse had beautiful blue walls and was going to be torn down because the owner was paying taxes on the house and didn't want to.
The old farmhouse they did the clean-out on. Yes, that is my doggies' bed there.
The project was turning a Greek-Revival portico into an outside kitchen. When they said that they would turn this portico into an outside kitchen 1.) I didn't understand initially, yet I was still 2. Horrified!
Removing the portico

 Wow, was I wrong about a horrible decision. Just look at this! I would love to have it, wouldn't you?
Oh, and yes, you can see the ad for my favorite show, Rehab Addict on the bottom right of the screen.
Finished and fantastic!

I give it five tiaras.

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  1. Thank for watching, we are happy that you like our show!

    1. Thank you for taking a look at my review, Black Dog Salvage. Yes, a perfect show for a house historian!


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