Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas 2015

At Our New Home

Our dinner table, with only the spring glass dishes locatable so far.

We still have a lot of stuff to do

Including unpacking and putting stuff up,

but that did not stop us from our tradition.

Okay, maybe it did slow us down. 

(Plus, I had the flue, so I was short on courses.)

Salad plus strawberries with my special home-made dressing
 This year, the theme was strawberry and white wine.

Dean happy to get started. He was so hungry!

Tomato-Basil Soup with White Wine (Don't worry, the alcohol was cooked off)

Lobster Ravioli with Handmade Cream, Butter, and White Wine Sauce.

So you can see the inside. It really was delicious!

Red and White Pan Potato, Baked Sweet Potato, and Cornish Hen baked in butter, spices, strawberries, and white wine.
 Yes, the portions were small, smaller for me than the rest, too. However, with this many courses, I promise everyone was full by the end of the meal!
Sidney and My Brother enjoying the course. Honestly, it was my favorite!

Baked Green Beans and butter with Pan-cooked Beef Tips in Homemade Mushroom and White Wine Gravy

My Mom's and Dean's Favorite Course. (That's blueberry/grape sparkling juice, btw.)

My world-famous Chocolate Mousse. This year it is Chocolate-Strawberry with Handmade Strawberry Whipped Cream
View From Above

This year's fruit - Strawberries! With Handmade Strawberry Whipped Cream. Did I mention that Sidney mad the topping?
View from above!

Next to what us adults received as a pairing... Spumanti! (Yes, the wine glasses are somewhere besides available.)

Strawberry and Vanilla Swirl Ice Cream Ended the night.

Can you guess what Sidney's favorite course was?

A very full and satisfied Dean.

Gorgeous Sidney by the tree.

And, we thank you for your time! (and desert)
 Obviously, there was no pictures of me this year. Everyone ran and undressed this year as soon as they were finished eating. So, no pics of me. But, I assure you I was there. I did the cooking, too.

This was a sparsely attended year - Rob and his new wife are in Tacoma, Renee is in Chicago, and no visitors (except my brother, Dave). 

My mom was amenable to making it even smaller, but Dean and Sid would not allow it! Okay, I wouldn't either. We had a great time. I hope your Christmas was just as wonderful.

Merry Christmas to everyone! Oh, and a Happy New Year - 2016 as well!!!

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