Friday, May 9, 2014

Rippavilla Plantation In Spring Hill Tennessee

Antebellum Plantation

Tour guide said that plantation was lost after the Civil War due to taxes.
But was regained later.
Regaining a large estate like this was difficult then, just as it is now, and it does show the determination of the owner to make sure to retrieve the legacy that he, and his enslaved, created for his family.

I was only able to get photographs of outside.
But, I think I have some good ones!

A volunteer told me that this was the exact location of the engagement and I could walk back to those trees where more signs were located for more information.
It was just too far for me during a hot day.
But, for those that are interested, there was no charge to visit the battle field.

You know how I get delights from the simplest things.
The sun was shining so bright that it looks like this little wildflower created its own source of light.

I felt like this was a lost opportunity for interpretation of an important part of Tennessee and Freedman history.

Looking at the school from the baseball field.
An historic baseball game was going on at the same time, but I just couldn't get a good picture of the group, to my dismay.

Absolutely romantic entrance to the house museum and garden!

Inside the garden

I could only get a couple signs because the sun was so bright that it reflected on them to such a degree that I couldn't even read them.

Detail of the gate.

Inside the gift shop

I was warned by a volunteer that if I took a picture of this window that I would see a ghost in the developed picture.
Alas, all I see is my reflection.

Beautiful view of the back..

A reminder: All photographs are the property of The Sassy Countess, and may not be reproduced without permission. I have had numerous people steel my pictures, including one of ME. This is unacceptable because in almost all of those cases, I would have not only approved, but sent a better quality picture.

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