Wednesday, January 1, 2014

My New Year's Resolution In Poetry

Dare To Blossom, Dare To Bloom

As last year passed,
The New draws near,
Let the pains remain in the past,
And I will open up and be made clear
To only be me!
And not someone, that someone else

wants me to be.

I am no longer afraid,
To be the best of me,
To let myself be free;

I will no longer close myself tight,
When I want to retreat.
I will fight, fight, fight!
To continue to blossom,
And not give into doom,

But to flourish with all my might.

I will prosper; I will bloom!

                                                ~  The Sassy Countess

The following by Anais Nin. 
I thought it very appropriate for my New Year's resolution.

And then the day
Came when the risk
To remain tight
In a bud was
Greater than
The risk it took
To bloom.

~ Anais Nin.


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