Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Jackson's & Enslaved Housing Part 3

Some more pictures for you of the shots I took for my research 

Housing of the Enslaved at the Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson.
Yes, I did take a lot. Great for me, and hopefully you can use some in your research too.
You really should visit, here is the website to The Hermitage: Home of President Andrew Jackson

The papers on which I used these pictures can be seen here

Picture links

Blocking of a duplex

here is the chimney of the original kitchen, but also shows the stones used for all of the chimneys of the slave cabins.

The Original Hermitage. You can see the brick from the original two story home's chimney, and the stone from when it was cut in half to make housing for the enslaved.

What I think is an outline of another chimney for a duplex. Unsubstantiated, though.

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