Wednesday, January 8, 2014

18th Century Potted Salmon

Adventures in Food

Using Modern Day Materials

I enjoy fish somewhat. In other words, I'd rather have a hamburger, but I do have to have fish once a week for medical reasons. So, I'm trying new things anyways. Why not try the fish too? I thought that it was acceptable. My brother loved it so much that he had seconds and when I asked him why he didn't use the hot sauce, he answered that it was so good that he forgot to get it. He raved and raved. So, for fish fans, this might be a goodie.
While the recipe says to plate as below, I personally thought it looked more appetizing with the side without the skin and with all of the goodies on top of it (like above.)

This is how it is "supposed" to look, but I think that it is more appealing with the "wrong" side on top.
I didn't have, nor could I find mace or the nut of nutmeg to make the mace. So I ground up sunflower seeds instead. Why that particularly? Because that's the only seed and/or nut I had.

Salt and pepper

Just spreading everything evenly.

My interpretation of the temperature

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Here they are. OMG, don't they look fantastic?!
Fish taken out of the sauce that it was cooked in and patted in paper towels to remove eccess.

Adding more butter? Yep.

Plated with the creamed asparagus. 

Here it is with the "wrong" side up, but it looks better. Sorry about the fuzzy - steam got on the lens and this was the best I could get before my family snatched them.

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