Friday, June 27, 2014

Pretty Cookie Jars For Your Kitchen

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I just can't stand ugly stuff! I'm sure that you all know by now that I am a visual person. 
I want pretty, dang it! 
Pretty all over! 
(Part 1)
Here are some really pretty Cookie Jars for you. 
Or, what else could you put inside? M&Ms, Skittles, Wheat Thins, Granola or Protein Bars, etc.

Product Information
This simple but contemporary cookie jar is the perfect storage container for favorite snacks, dog treats, coffee - you name it! White and ceramic with a bamboo lid, this is one jar that adds an instant sweet spot to your kitchen.
  • 7"H x 6"W
  • Bamboo lid with air-tight rubber seal

 Georgian Lovers Sweetheart Cookie Jar
Hearty Colonial Lovers Valentine Cookie Jar

Triad Of Edwardian Ladies Cookie Jar

Colonial Lady-in-Waiting Cookie Jar

Riding Edwardian Lady Portrait Cookie Jar

Edwardian Riding Lady Cookie Jar
Festival For Fun Cookie Jar
Edwardian Lady In Rose Hat Portrait Cookie Jar

Flapper Lady In Love Cookie Jar
Waiting Under The Mums Cookie Jar
Edwardian Lady Under The Red Cookie Jar
Romantic Edwardian lady under purple Cookie Jar
Portrait Of Flapper In Pink Cookie Jar

Huge Hat Edwardian Flapper Cookie Jar

Flapper With A Feather (Or Two) In Her Cap Cookie
Edwardian Lady And Purple Flowers Cookie Jar
Romantic Edwardian Flapper Cookie Jar
Edwardian Flapper Cookie Jar
French Rococo Couple Cookie Jar
Darling Flapper In Love Cookie Jar
Pink Romantic Flapper Cookie Jar
Flapper Romantic Lady In Love Cookie Jar
1920s Love - Time of Downton Cookie Jar
Hearty Flapper Romantic Lady Cookie Jar
Edwardian Lady With Roses In Her Hat Cookie Jar
Edwardian Romantic Lady Cookie Jar
Octoberfest Lady Close-up Cookie Jar
Octoberfest Lady Cookie Jar
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