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Guest Blogger Sharmane McCoy

Garage Sale Home

Sharmane McCoy 

with Sisters Cary on 
Facebook and Etsy

I first learned of Sisters Cary from a beautiful gown that I found on Etsy. I then began to follow on Facebook, and saw many more that were created. I ordered one dress and a skirt that were very well made, for my future engagements. I fell in love with two, but alas, they were for someone else. But, I will keep my eye out for another. On the Facebook page, I saw pictures of Sharmane's home, and then learned the history. I just had to have her write a little ditty and share it with you! It is an amazing story. Enjoy.

This is my home I restored myself. 

All photographs provided by Sharmane McCoy
and are subject to 

William and Thomas Bradford were given 1,000 acres for 

service provided in the Revolutionary War 1786. The home 

stayed in the Bradford family till 1862.

 I bought the house at a garage sale;

it was to be bull dozed the following week. 

The outside of the structure was covered in clapboard and 

insul-brick.The interior walls were many layers of wallpaper,

horse-hair plaster, and lathe. I wasn't sure the home was a 

loghouse since no logs were exposed.

 I did, however, upon removing the first wall, find 

hand- hewn beams that were white washed in milk and lye.

 The original chinking which was mud and straw had fallen

 in between the plaster. 

The home had been heated with a coal furnace

 and pot belly stove.

It took me 6 years to restore the logs and expose them.

My home is a Midland Tradition Double-Penned, 

three full-story log house.

The logs would of been cleared from the property to include 

up to 90 hand-hewn beams. My home is made out of 

red-oak; some logs being 20 inches wide and 27 feet long.

The interior beams are pit sawn and the corner notches are

 Norwegian Dove tail.

The original cabin is 24x27 feet 

and a Victorian Addition was added in 1911.

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