Saturday, June 7, 2014

Gorgeous Gates

I'm sure that you know that I adore gates. 

Having pretty entrances to a garden, yard, or home is so important. 
It sets the mood, don't you think?

Chateau de La Roche-Guyon
Medieval and Renaissance Castles

Abandoned England

Ashlawn Highland

Bamberg Castle Gate

before and after
Beatrix Farrand Garden

Chateau de Gudanes



Chic Shabby and French

Chic Shabby and Vintage

Christopher Chalkley
Mansions of the Gilded Age

Davenport House Museum


Dunrobin Castle

Garden of Hope, Peace, and Justice
Val-Kill Cottage

Headboard as gate
the Glory Collection Painted Furniture

Historic Charleston
Fox News

Irish Heritage

My friend, James Smith's Front Door
Yes, the flower is real!

Lady Anne's Charming Cottage 
Lower Cape Fear Historical Society

Mansion-House Gate

Miss Rose Sister Violet

News in Books


Passe' Present

Pixels Photos and Colors

Rose Cottage

This looks like another headboard to me. What do you think?
The glory Collection Painted Furniture

The Rose Cottage

This is Glamorous

President James K. Polk's Historical Home
Photograph taken by author


Rippavilla Plantation
Photograph taken by author



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