Monday, June 16, 2014

Because Of Father's Day And My Birthday...

My Dad's Family History

Since it's dad's day (well, yesterday was, in any event), and tomorrow is my birthday (Hooray!! Oh, and btw, there would be no "father without me), I thought that I would share my family history through my father. 

Now, this is via the papers that my grandfather gave my dad, and who then gave to me. 

I have not verified any of this information; it is solely through the family documents that I reiterate here.

Taylor Melinda Marie Speer (now Speer-Sims)

Mother Bonnie Jean Begley
Father David William Speer

Mother Lois Smith
Father Byford Speer (This is whom our knight statue is named after)

Mother Clara Daubersmith (My grandfather says pronounced Dauberschmidt)
Father Thomas Speer

Mother Sarah Wheaton
Father Henry Speer

Mother Abigail Du Bois
Father Henry Speer

Mother Lois Kent
Father Thomas Speer

Mother Martha Gould
Father Johannes Speer

My ancestor's Coat of Arms
From Bavaria, Germany

Mother Engline Cadmus
Father Tunis Speer

Mother Catryntia Wybrant
Father Hendric Speer 

Mother Catrina Van Brugh
Father Hans Speer

Then it moves to Catrina is the daughter of 
Mother Catherine Jansen Roeloff
Father Johannes Van Brugh

Daughter of
Mother Christina 
Father Roeloff Jansen

Nassau Keep
My ancestor's castle

Daughter of 
Mother Anna of Orange from the Nassau Family
Father Wolfert Weber

Daughter of 
Mother Anna of Saxony
Father Prince William of Orange and Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Mother Juliana of Stolberg
Father William, Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Mother Countess of Vianden Luxemburg
Father Artho of Nassau-Dillenburg

Anna, my ancestress

Damn Sexy!
William, my ancestor
If anyone, I am related to him because I know that I have sexy ancestors!!!

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