Saturday, January 23, 2016

Salvage Dawgs Season 3 Episode 13

Brief Review of 

St. Andrews Catholic Church

 Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network

Shelves From Doors

So, I only took one photograph from this episode, but I encourage you to watch it.

The above photo is the top portion of a shelving unit the daughter of one of the men made. I believe it is absolutely phenomenal. What a brilliant idea! She took two doors with insets and put in distressed metal, put on a top and had her brother make the metal scroll-work there.  This is just a side note to the show, but I think there should have been a show just on this. WOW.

The episode is about the St. Andrews Catholic Church spires. They assisted by removing the copper sheeting and crosses at the very top. 

I found this extremely interesting because I have never seen anything like it before. The sheeting was very thin and was placed over wooden frames. Very cool info.

I thought I was going to be upset when one said, "Clowns are bad."

However, within one second the other replied, "Don't take that personally, clowns."

If you don't know, I was a professional clown for over ten years doing parties, but mostly performing at large corporate events and carnivals. So, I get very upset when someone makes a blanket statement. But, I forgive them because of the almost-apology. ;)

I give this episode four tiaras.

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