Friday, January 22, 2016

Salvage Dawgs Season 3 Episode 12

Very, Very, Very Brief Review of 

Spec, Virginia

"Used to be called Spec Station
Where the train used to stop."
Cow Scale
 This episode the boys had very funny conversation at the beginning of the show. Not really a house history episode, but definitely interesting. 

The above picture was of a cow scale they brought in on consignment, but the main show had the crew cleaning out an old cannery. the cannery was the original train depot, I believe. Not my favorite episode, but the beginning was great.

Two are inside as two others return. One says of the returning, "Don't look like they worked very hard, they're awfully clean."
The reply was, "Just because I put on a clean shirt doesn't mean I wasn't working."

Carousel from the Cannery

Other items in the show include:
Steam Cleaner
Turn Stiles
Red Light
Metal Cooler

I give this episode three tiaras.

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