Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Couple More Cool Things About Tanner House

Found In My Picture Phone!

So, I was deleting some of my pictures from my phone and I found these gems! These are two more of the coolest things about Tanner House Museum in Aurora, Illinois. 

The first is the pocket shutters that are throughout the house. I have seen pocket windows, pocket doors, but this was the first place that I saw pocket shutters. These are in every room. If I build my own house, I will absolutely do this! They really save space, and they make the walls thicker, so there is more insulation room.

   Here it is going into the wall                   Here is what they look like closed

The next one is super cool! This is the fireplace in the formal parlor. This was never a functioning fireplace. it was made as a faux fireplace. The heating elements within the house was the stoves, not the fireplaces. The mantle is solid marble. The painting is original from when the house was built. I like to say that you can tell when someone was "filthy stinking rich when they could afford a non-working fireplace." :)  You can see the original carpet there, too. This room is under reconstruction, so these pictures show no wallpaper and no carpet in this room.

Oh my god, I love this so much!

   The fireplace surround/mantle                Close up- super beautiful!

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