Monday, March 11, 2013

Colonial Hot Chocolate

American Heritage Chocolate

Images from their website 

Last week I purchased a package of American Heritage Chocolate from "The Hermitage" gift shop. Man, it was expensive! $16.00 for 12.7 oz. I could get a large package of Hershey's for way less than that! However, I wanted to try it, and I thought that it would not be nice if I didn't get enough for my family to try too.

I followed the directions to a "T" and.... uhhhh, not so yummy. It was ok, but not as great as I thought. My kids disliked it so much that they refused to drink it. I added sugar to Sidney's but she still did not like it. My mom said that it was very similar to what she had growing up. It was real gritty and not very rich. So, I added more chocolate, then it was like drudge.

So, I had this long conversation with my mom because I just could NOT allow myself to not like it! She told me that her mom, my "Mommow" as we called her, did it a little differently. My mom said that Mommow would heat up the milk and pour it into a large mixing bowl, all the while stirring. She said that Mommow would use a fork and beat it like it was a cake batter. Then, finally, she would put it into a beautiful silver chocolate pot, that looked like a silver coffee pot. It sat for a minute or two, then she would serve it.

So, I tried something similar today. AND HOORAY! IT WAS DELICIOUS!

Here's what I did... I poured in the correct amount of MILK into a pot. Heated it up to almost boiling. I then poured in the correct amount of chocolate into the pot, but took it off the burner. Just like Mommow, I used a fork and beat it for quite a while, then let it sit for about one full minute. I then poured it into a mug. Oh yeah! Now that is wonderful! I highly recommend that you try it! You can purchase at many historic house museums. Check out their website to see if there is a place near you.

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