Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thesis Idea

Maybe This Is Idea No. 1.

Because who knows how many I will come up with within the next year?!

So, I had this idea. This came to me literally as I was falling asleep. Some years past, I had someone tell me that is when God talks to you. Not because this is actually the only time that He talks, but this is when it is easier for us to hear. This could be true... or not. If this is really from Him or not, the fact is, it's pretty good!

Title: The Gentility of Property in 18th Century England

Thesis prompt: The gentility used land and houses as a crutch. 
  • It was necessary to hold title at one point... was this true in the 18th century? 
  • The holding of property was used as:
    1.  Political positioning
    2. Class positioning
    3. Family seat
    4. Vacation home
    5. City home
    6. A jealousy induced acquisition and/or improvement
    7. Fashion plate
    8. Blank slate for personal artistic expression
    9. Monetary Income 
      • Farming: produce
      • Farming: animals - beef, poultry, pork
      • Rental property
        1. small farms on property
        2. renting out larger houses/farms to: Yeoman, new rich, nobles, family member

This is what I have so far. Anyone have any suggestions or comments?

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