Thursday, April 4, 2013

Countess of Stonegarden

Countess Taylor Melinda Marie Speer-Sims, Countess of Stonegarden. 

"The Sassy Countess"

Here is my notification of title.

The following is taken from the website of The County Of Stonegarden

Edward III, in keeping with his vow to establish an Arthurian order, held at Windsor Castle on St. George’s Day, 1348, his first celebration of the Order of the Garter. Thereafter he sponsored annual celebrations of the order, which were marked with tournaments and feasting.  In keeping with this tradition, He granted the winner knight a title to be remembered and this title was “ The Lord of Stonegarden ” 

The County of Stonegarden existed from 1178 to 1330, when it was totally destroyed by a powerful army in 1330, Nowadays to be remembered, it was granted a little plot of land where was created a Micronation.

You can see my name listed here Noble Estate Listing

This is a cute little way to get a title, if you want one, and "help a child" per the website. 


  1. Hi it's me Lychele Wilson can we ever meet over the second part of the summer you are the only superstar I know what do I do with the title I think I bought it on eBay. But I did not get the online packet that was promised. Can you do any thing.

  2. Hi Lychele,

    I'm not sure what you are talking about. can you send me a personal email at


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