Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"The Hermitage" Day 4/17/2013

Inside The Mansion Today

Leaving the Visitor's Center, on my way to the mansion.

So, I was wondering how it would be today because last week I was so hot. However, the air conditioning was turned on today! Hooray! I was lovely. However, since I was on the ladder, and Ms. Shirley was not, she got cold continually. She would step outside to get warmed up.

Today I was in the "Grey Room" also known as the "Girls Room". I asked why it was the girls room, and
Shirley said that it was across the hall from the "Boys Room." Um, duh to me! You guessed it then. It is across the hall from the room that I did last week. The wallpaper is original and is a medium grey with red and pink roses. Quite pretty too! The baseboards here are a green marble faux-paint.

Trees are blooming today!
There is one bed, which happens to be another original from when Sara purchased after the fire. Draperies cover these windows. So, I was working on the drapes, the double canape, curtain drapes, bedspread and dust ruffle. Why do I say double canape, you ask? Well, because this one has a canape outside the bed curtain, and one inside encircling the bed. This would be absolutely beautiful when laying on the bed. All linen in this room is white. Curtains, canapes and bedspread have fringe. Interestingly, the bedspread is an all white quilt. I would just love this! Of course, the ceilings are super high, and so therefore the windows are super tall too! I was on the ladder, and stretched the vacuum as far as I could, and I was just about an inch short of the top of the drape. I would have needed a really tall ladder, but Ms. Shirley assured me that I got higher than anyone else. Does that mean that I'm taller? Hmmmm. Good question!

I thought that I would share this tidbit today since I brought up the air conditioning.
This is the vault.. Can you see it?
Just like all older houses, the heating and air used to be in the basement. However, because of vibration, it was moved outside of the manse in 1988. I have some pictures for you that show just how far away it is. This sure is a great system because it works for such a long distance!

Sign says:

Utility Vault
In order to better preserve the Hermitage mansion
and to reduce noise and vibration in the structure, all heating and air conditioning equipment was relocated from its basement to this under-ground vault in 1988

Standing at the utility vault looking at the mansion.

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