Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cannonsburgh Village Part 2

Leeman House, University House, and

 Rockvale Home Mutual Telephone Company House

Murfreesboro, TN

This little dog-run house was surprisingly roomy!

This is the only picture not taken by me.
It is from the Cannonburgh's site.

Original Cards!!!

Yep, the walls were covered with newspapers!

See, Other people frame their lace, too!
Oh, and it is in an historic house, not a new one...


Upstairs room. I couldn't get the whole room in the picture. But, it's about a little over double this part.

Upstairs room on the other side of the stairs!
This does not include the boys rooms, which were not open to tour.


I couldn't get a picture on the outside of the house. But, basically, it is another dog-run.


 Plaque Reads: 
Mrs. Ana Rowland Molton
 Cannonsburgh built the Telephone Office in honor of the Late Mrs. Ada Rowland Molton. As a telephone operator, she was known as "Miss Ada."

... It is not furnished exactly as it was in 1918, the restored switchboard and much of the furniture that Miss Ada used is here. She did all of the embroidery and crochet. The built and pillow cases, and aided a touch of color to the kitchen towel. She treasured the sewing machine. It was bought in .... by her mother about 1894. The rugs are loom-woven.

May 30, 1890, Miss Ada was born in Byersboro, Tennessee, as Ada Richardson, and, when a child, made her first visit to Middle Tennessee in a covered wagon. 

In 1918 the Home Mutual Telephone Company of Rockvale, Tennessee, asked Miss Ada to be their first regular operator. Being a widow with a small child, she accepted, and the Telephone office became home.

Miss Ada was the operator day and night for 25 years, and retired because of poor health.

In loving memory, all furnishings, both original and replacements, are furnished by Miss Ada's daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Homer Burns.

This is the best that I could do for the kitchen area.
But, man, was this super cute!

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