Thursday, February 25, 2016

Ancient Discoveries Ancient Mega Forts

Ancient Discoveries - Season 3, Episode 10


Ancient Discoveries on History Channel

Here is another show that I found on accident. I had it on the History Channel for, what I thought was something else, and this came on. Well, it is really a castle history piece so I could not just not watch it.

Also, I just found that you can watch the entire episode online on the History Channel HERE

"Histories most formidable defenses are examined including England's great castles; underground defenses in Cappadocia, Turkey; and the ancient Mayan "killer bee" method. Also: A study of a replica of a section of the ancient Roman fort of Alesia; and the firing of a cannon used to break through the defenses of Constantinople." ~ Lead in for show on Comcast.

* "Castles were acts of aggression, not defense."
* "Castles are tools of conquest."
* "Also for living in with space for" workers and tradesmen and women.
* "Cannot have a castle without a spring - a source of water that cannot be poisoned."
                 ~ Mike Loades, Historical Weapons Expert (within the show)

I must say that the best part of this episode was at the beginning when they described the Roman building techniques. They did this step by step with reenactors and drawings. The rest of the show was ok and there was information that I did not know before, but they almost seem like after thoughts, something like (Oh, we still have 30 minutes, what else can we put in there.) My son, Dean, really loved the bombards and my daughter, Sidney loved the "killer-bee" method used by the Mayans as attacker deterrents. 

I want to split my rating on this show. I give the Roman fort section five tiaras and the remainder of the show three, which gives the balance at four.

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