Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Salvage Dawgs Season 4 Episode 7

Branson, MO

Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network

This episode is almost the second part to Season 4, Episode 2. Here again the Dogs find themselves in Branson, MO to continue to take apart a children's theme park. I would put this together with another episode, but I ended this round with this episode. I have other posts after this and before another round of Salvage Dawgs. In the meantime, why not watch it and we can share our thoughts?

This episode's craft project was turning doors into a pergola/garden arbor. (BTW, "craft project" may sound like making paper airplanes, but these folks make phenomenal stuff.)

It was an absolutely brilliant idea that turned into something amazing. I think every historic home should have something like this in their back yard or garden... or both! I think that the people at Black Dog Salvage would make one just for you if this one has sold. Why not ask? LOVE THIS IDEA!

Just this idea gets five tiaras!


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