Sunday, February 21, 2016

Salvage Dawgs Season 4 Episode 5

Liberty, NC

A True House History Episode

 Salvage Dawgs on DIY Network

The winds of change... 1846 Clapp Farm also known as the "Fontainbleau Ranch" was featured. A windmill was removed. The current owner said that it was named because her father had visited there in World War 2. You should watch the episode to see how they removed this huge windmill, and maybe a couple others...

A spool from a textile factory and a piece of oak from a homestead stable, side of an old barn was used for the piece this episode. They said that "everything we do has got one to four different stories to it, this one's no different. All is salvage inspired."
Black Dog Salvage's salvage inspired floor lamp.

Four tiaras.

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