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Untying the Knot Season 2 Episode 6

Tullio and Tanya's House

Bravo's Untying the Knot Logo

 So, I thought that I would introduce a modern house history into the mix. This is really more of interior products history, but you can see how things progress from this is what we are doing/buying to this is what we did/bought... and why.

Untying the Knot is a show on Bravo that brings the specialist attorney, Vikki Ziegler into people's homes, personal history, and divorce mediation. Ziegler sends in her trusted appraisers, the Millea Bros to go into people's homes and research the items that the divorcing couple is arguing over. 

In this episode, there are some interesting pieces with history.

* "Liquid Citrine" painting by Christopher Martin, "an artist out of Dallas." According to the Millea Bros, it is a reverse painting, which is an older technique seen usually in antiques and not in contemporary art.

*Isamu Noguchi Table. - Manufactured in 1947 by Herman Miller and should have 7/8" glass top with either walnut, cherry, or birch wood.

*LC1 or Le Corbusier "LC1" chairs - Originally designed in 1928 and manufacture license originally to Casina. It would have chrome plated steal frame, cowhide seat, and tension springs.

*Eilene Gray Table.

Watch the full episode on Bravo HERE To find out if the items are real or fake and how much they are worth.  

A fun new style of keeping family history. Well, maybe not fun for those who the episode is about, but certainly fun for us voyers. 

 Four tiaras

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