Friday, February 5, 2016

Salvage Dawgs Season 4 Episodes 2 And 3

Grouping Two Episodes Together

Season 4- Episode 2 Branson, MO
Turned doors into a hostess bar
Not really my personal type of episode (no house history here), but you may enjoy it. I did absolutely adore this hostess bar that was made from old doors.

Season 4- Episode 3 Jackson, TN
"Things deserve a second chance." ~Grayson
The craft project was turning a paneled door into tiered shelves.
Description of shelf they made...

Very, very, very cool completed shelf.
In this episode, there is an explanation of how fire doors work. 
AND, Examples of why you should wear safety gear and always have a first aid kit handy.
1.) Eyeglasses
2.) Gloves

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