Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Clothing of Andrew and Rachel Jackson

Regency Era - Jacksonian America Clothing

:Authentic and Reproductions:
At The Hermitage Visitor's Center

I am so enamored by this bonnet that I have asked a couple of people if they would be able to make something similar for me to wear. Keep your fingers crossed!

Gracy was one of Jackson's enslaved women who, I believe, worked in the house.

This painting shows Rachel in long lace.

These reproductions show the long lace for which Rachel was famous for.

Closeup of hem. This would be easy to do!
 Look at the handmade slippers

Closeup of the General's collars. So romantic, don't you think?

Closeup of the General's pant leg and slipper.
They look somewhat feminine by today's standards.


  1. The white dress looks like a modern-era wedding dress. The story of Rachel and Andrew is a bit sad, she died just a few weeks after he won the presidential election. He was widower president. Love the details on the clothing.

  2. I agree with your observations. Rachel and Andrew were very romantic. Andrew Jackson went against popular opinion to marry her, and stay married to her due to her non-divorce - divorce. They were deeply in love, I think. When she died, he still would not anyone talk bad about her, nor anyone else that he felt innocent. The Jacksons' love story is very interesting.


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