Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mansfield Park 1999 Part 1

"Mansfield Park" 1999

A BBC Production
Directed by Patricia Roseman
Starring Francis O'Conner, Jonny Lee Miller and James Purefoy. (Yummy!)

Interior of the courtyard, the "front door"

Gate to the grounds 

First view of the grand estate!

Entering the courtyard

5:00 a.m. view of the front door.

As the sun rose. OMG! 

Ceiling of the entry

scanning down the cieling... you can see the corner of the ceiling and crown molding. There is also a landing just at the actresses head, with more molding. Also, look at the large window with the many small panes.

This is interesting because you can see the large window, the molding around the door and the pristine white plasterwork on the walls. Also, look at the hand railings in the walls! This is so different than anything that I have ever seen.

Looking out the window to the "West Wing... soon to be repaired."

Extensive library. The only thing missing is ME!

Stark difference to Fannie's room as she entered. "Formerly the nursery, then the governess' room,
and now your. very. own. room."

A lone girl in a room void of emotion, yet surrounded by expensive things. The theme of the story, too, don't you think?

Flash to Fannie's sister in her old room. Similar in status, with a difference of cleanliness and cost of surroundings.

Compare this beautiful view through the window to the first scene of Fannie's room.

While simple, The beauty of the headboard cannot be denied. I would love to paint this headboard!

What I found interesting in this shot was the unpolished floors, the plaster falling off the walls exposing bricks, and the lettering chart on the right side. It is obvious of Fannie's status with the loss of plaster that had not been repaired, the table full of books and the remains of tutoring of the Mansfield children that Fannie left up.

I love this because of the gravel walk with pristine squares of grass. Also, the back wall is seen with the facade of partial fluted columns, and the ornate decorative ones. Is this the stables?? I think it is as we are next seen with horses. Plus, compared to some of the houses that I have seen in person, these are not as fancy as some, and fancier than others.

Beautiful scene!

Side of the manse where you can see the grandness against the plain setting. If you look behind the trees, you can still see the house!

Again, the pristine plastered walls. Here you can see the number of paintings with ornate gilded frames. Many times the frames were (and still are!) more expensive than the paintings they held. So, by displaying many framed paintings, the owner showcased their love of art and their wealth.

A beautiful painting of hunting dogs, with the office in the background that had hunting trophies on the wall. Obviously, this was a man's cave.


  1. Even though it wasn't accurate to the book, I loved this movie!

  2. I agree. It did take me a while to get into it. But, I'm very glad that I stayed with it.


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