Saturday, December 7, 2013

"North and South" Interiors

:North and South:

by Elizabeth Gaskell 
BBC Mini-Series 2004
Available on DVD and Netflix
Starring the exquisitely handsome Richard Armitage
The reasons that I took this shot were the beautiful painting in the background over the side/library table.
There are three glass containers here that were very important for the time. The center is a taxidermy bird "taking off" from a branch. The other two are dried flowers. This artwork were performed by the ladies of the house (yes, even the taxidermy) to "bring the outside indoors."

The beautiful clock in the background, and another dried flower scene under glass.

Look at the absolutely amazing crystal set on the table! I am uber jealous. 

Beatiful table setting in front of two draped windows.

I took this for the drapery and the wallpaper.

The gorgeous mahogany cabinet in the background, the wallpaper,
 and the setting of the candles and flowers.

Large dark room, with unlit candles and settee and table in the middle of the room. Also, there is the overly large dried flower under glass behind the settee. 

The scene here is simplistically pretty with the mantelpiece, the clock (which I adore!) with the two candles on either end, with a small framed painting. Oh, ok, and Richard Armitage too.

Wallpaper in the parson's house. So pretty.

The London House railway looking into a bedroom with salmon drapes.

WOW, this wall plaster is beyond belief! I couldn't get snaps, but it is above the doorways also. I have to have this!

You're coming home with me?
Ummm YES.


  1. I love the little details! Thanks for pointing them out. It's like literally going back in time and checking out someone's house (which we kinda are) :)

  2. I'm so glad you like it! This is exactly how I feel. We are definitely taking a look back in time. I think that the personality of the house, especially the inside and furnishings, bring the personality of the owner back to life. These are obviously historic houses where the movie was filmed, the actors bring the characters to life and usually "feel" their setting for their art.

  3. Love the choice! It manifests the perfect match of script, cast and interior design which is so convincing in this series! Thanks a lot for pointing this out!

  4. Anon,

    Thank you so much for the lovely encouraging words! I agree with you on matching.


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