Sunday, December 8, 2013

18th Century Raspberry Potato Cakes

Adventures in Food

:Raspberry Potato Cakes:

Here is the recipe that I used. 

and... here are some responses to my warning. 
(Obviously I am not good at erasing in Paint, but at least it can protect the innocent!) 

Honestly, though, I heard more positives than I anticipated. Dean and Sidney wouldn't stay out of the basket. My mom said they were interesting, my brother didn't like them (this was obvious because he puts hot sauce on everything, and he couldn't with these.) And, everyone at the party that tried them said that they were good. At least, that is what they told me. 

Medium size potatoes.

Peeled and cut to cook faster

I used preserves because I didn't have real raspberries to squish.

A basting brush in the sink because I made ribs at the same time for the family. NOT because I was painting. :)

You can see how beautiful they turned out. A purple with powdered sugar.

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