Thursday, December 26, 2013

18th Century Asparagus in Cream

Adventures in Food

Using modern day materials

It may look ugly, but it is DELICIOUS!
I'm not an asparagus fan, but I really loved these. It does not change the texture, though. My family members who love asparagus, loved it too. It had a taste very appropriate for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas. 

I also want to tell everyone that I am by no means a professional in photography or in cooking! 
I'm just a city lady trying out new things.

Woops, forgot to salt the water before the first batch, but the rest got it!

Got a little over done because I was doing everything, and taking pictures too.
But, at least you can see the next step.

I used allspice so that I wouldn't have to add them separately. 

Because I was taking the picture and trying to separate, it didn't work with the first egg. So, I just used a strainer to drain the white out.

Plated with the Potted Salmon.

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