Sunday, December 1, 2013

"Wives and Daughters" Gothic Mansion

Squire Hamley's Home

:Wives and Daughters:
by Elizabeth Gaskell
1999, BBC Miniseries; 
Executive Producer: Rebecca Eaton

This is my current favorite show. I'm watching the heck out of it.
There are some beautiful houses, as well as people.
Watch a Preview
Show is available on Netflix and HuluPlus

Justine Waddell and Anthony Howell (Roger Hamley and Molly Gibson)

Justine Waddell in the incredible gallery
Waddell alighting. 

Gorgeous window looking out at the very formal gardens with sheep in the background.

Penelope Wilton (Mrs. Hamley)
Look at the amazing walls!

Justine Waddell and Michael Gambon (The Squire)
I love the walls and the huge fireplace.

What a romantic scene.
Can you see the most beautiful walls that I have ever seen in the background?


  1. I read the book this summer and it was an utter delight! Love the adaptation as well. Molly and Roger are so kind and good.

  2. I loved this adaptation as well. I wanted them to fall in love absolutely immediately. Alas, as any good story, there has to be some heartfelt separation and threat of another lover. Such an aesthetically pleasing piece as well, don't you think?


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