Saturday, March 15, 2014

A New Newsletter For Romantic Ideas And Products

The Tilted Tiara

A New Sassy Countess Newsletter

My Favorite Tiara Created For Empress Josephine

So, I’m excited to introduce to you the new Tilted Tiara newsletter! This will be something that I will be sending out monthly, and then maybe weekly later when I have more time. This will be more of a direct letter to you. Unlike the blog, this will tell you some different information based more on pretty things that I find, especially things that I can make products that you will enjoy. I love historical pictures, even when they do not have anything to do with houses. Pictures of romantic settings and pretty ladies are some of my favorites. So, I have decided to purchase even more rights to pretty pictures.

I'm Sassy T
Right now, I have several items for sale in the Sassy Countess Zazzle shop. The highest selling items there are the Cinderella Shoe products, which are in the top eighteen percent sold in the Zazzle Company at this point! The others are “My Other House Is…” products. However, the two highest
Chateau D'If T
sellers of all time remain the “I’m Sassy and I know It,” “Kings To You,” and “My Other House Is Chateau D’If” T-shirts. As you can see, one is personal, and the other two are both based upon Alexander Dumas’ book (and multiple movies!) The Count of Monte Cristo.

Feed Me Grapes T
The new Sassy Countess Café Press shop has, and will continue to have, more pictures of people. Again, I will be looking at the
The Oh Darling T
historical portraits, and more on the eighteenth century side of those. However, they are not all based in the exact time period, but historical representations – or more like historical ideals – of people. Some are exact cuts, while others I have done fades, color exactions, framing, and more. I even have placed multiple shots of the same picture because I know that not everyone likes the same thing. So, it will be your choice!

Chinese Beauty Water Bottle
And, I will be having more products than just the t-shirts in the Sassy Countess Café Press shop. I have more buttons, magnets, bags, cups, glasses, and one of my
Flapper Bride Bag
favorite items, the water bottle. I hate carrying around something ugly! And, I thought that many of you might feel the same way. Now, you don’t have to have an ugly water bottle with you at the gym, biking, or at an event. You can have, take, and/or give a pretty one!

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I’m very excited, so keep checking back in!!!!


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