Friday, March 28, 2014

Historic Clock Exhibit At The Polk House

Keeping Time

Clocks From 1795 to 1850

At the home of James K. Polk
11th President of the U.S.A.

The Roy Fuston Collection

Speaker of the night was Ken Penkal of J & K Clock Services
He was great and answered a lot of my questions, too!

Thank you to the Staff for letting me take as many pictures as I wanted!

 Jaryn Abdallah: Docent, Education Specialist
Tom Price, Curator
John Holtzapple, Director

These clocks throughout the post here are reverse painted.

Compare the size of this wall-clock with the gentleman to the right!

Mr. Fuston's Desk As He Repaired Clocks

Close-up. All Wood Fixtures!

close up

The bottom is a mirror. I stepped to the side so that you wouldn't see my legs.
Even though, I think they're great, you may not. ;)

These two clocks have the same carved top, but painted differently!

The clock facing the camera was made in Scotland.

Close up so that you can see the tale of Mary Queen of Scots. 

Close up of the clock, with a lady in front of a fireplace.

Clock says "Paris," but was actually made in England.

close up because I wanted you to see the beautiful gilded scrollwork. 

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