Monday, March 31, 2014

Khorsabad Palace Courtyard Part 2


Assyrian Palace in Iraq
721 BC  - 705 BC

Link to part 1
Link to part 3
Link to the Throne Room
The great king, warrior, and builder, Sargon II
Left side of courtyard

Right side of courtyard

Ok, yep, that's me. I asked someone passing to take my picture for reference to height of the figures.

Yep, Me again!

The following pictures are of King Sargon II.
You'll notice that they are all blurry (except for the last one)! No matter what I did.

I literally said out loud... "Oh come on, Sargon, please let me take your picture."
I guess you always have to ask permission from the king!

Cuniform Writing

close-up of a feather.


Looking up at the the Llamasu

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